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Paul Huntley 2012
Glenville Farms Dairy 
The hamlet of Glenville was established in 1806 as a settlement of Quaker pioneers in the rolling hills of a valley supported by a centralized valley pond. Glenville had supported milling industries along its river properties and cattle operations from the early 1800’s. Glenville Farms on the outskirts of today’s Newmarket was formerly a Shorthorn cattle farm. James Harold Crang of Newmarket had purchased the Hillsdale Dairy from Maurice Hall on October 7, 1957. Crang then bought the Newmarket Dairy on November 12, 1958, from owner Ted Williamson. Later that same year, Crang acquired the Aurora Dairy. Crang had established a successful brokerage firm in 1929 that financed his farm operation. With established dairy routes now owned, the dairy was renamed Glenville Farms after the farm of the same. In 1958, a dairy bar serving full course meals was established on Davis Drive in Newmarket. This home plant and head office implemented new equipment to handle 48mm square milk bottles with “Sealon” type cap hoods. The same year ice cream production facilities in Aurora were upgraded to produce “LadyO” ice cream. In early 1959, an additional dairy bar was established in Bradford. In 1967, the Glenville Farms dairy bars changed their menu to serve dairy products and coffee only. On June 26,1968, Glenville Farms merged with Cousins Dairy Limited. Archie Cousins and Don Glass as former owners of Cousins became directors of Glenville Farms Dairy. In 1968, Glenville purchased the Briars Dairy of Sutton.