​City Dairy Toronto
Milkman -  More than just the Milk.
The milkman was a unique part of the community. He or she in their daily visit to the neighborhood, likely knew every house, every family member and the household’s life changing events, both triumphs and tragedies. The milkmen always knew who they could count on to offer a drink on a hot or cold day, or which family would offer a snack time treat to a grateful equine companion on a long delivery run. The delivery team would learn about every bump on the road and would move carefully along the route with their fragile load of clanking milk bottles. Most dairy workers were likely to stay in the same career until their retirement and many a milkman continued their service to the community in volunteer roles long after their last milk run. 

Dairy owners would recognize employees for their years of service​​ by establishing reward programs, benefits and social events.