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MelOrol Ice Cream
Borden’s MelOrol ice cream was introduced to Canada through Bordens' Dairies in 1937. For retail stores in Canada the rolls were packed twenty four to a carton.For home service they were wrapped in fours. A MelORol ice cream assembly line’s starting point was a freezing machine called a Vogt Instant Freezer invented by C. W. Vogt in 1930. In The V.I.F., ice cream mix and air were pumped into the freezer barrel and then rapidly frozen to a stiff consistency. The ice crystals were so small that they gave an exceptionally smooth and creamy ice cream much better than any other batch-wise fast freezing ice cream process that had existed prior to its production. The overrun percentage of added air that gives ice cream its brick consistency could be controlled to different degrees. The ice cream was extruded out of a pipe into a cylindrical bar shape of the MelOrol. A tube former and filler wrapped the bar with two continuous pieces of paper, forming paper tabs on each side that would later serve as handles for un-wrapping.

Bordens MelOrol information from Tony Mathis C/O Tico Vogt.
Paul Huntley Collection.
Paul Huntley Collection