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Canadian Milk Products

Canadian Milk Products was first established at Brownsville Ontario in 1903 by owner B.A. Gould. A new method of spray milk production applied by Gould, known first as the "just" process was improved and patented. In 1908 Gould acquired the Canadian rights to produce this powdered milk under agreement with U.S. Merelle Soule company. KLIM milk brand as it was now known would gain fame throughout the world as the choice quality powdered milk brand and was produced by CMP at Brownsville and later as volume needs increased at its newer plant in Belmont. KLIM would become the powdered milk staple in North America during the 1940's. Canadain Milk Products additionally produced Trumilk and Milkstock brand. Canadian Milk Products was acquired by Bordens Canada
in 1928.​ Under Bordens ownership the brand strategy of marketing the three CMP powdered milk lines was maintained and KLIM,Trumilk and Mikstock would be produced at the Tilsonburg and Belmont manufacturing plants into the 1950's.

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