The purpose of this site is to showcase a history book on the City Dairy of Toronto.
It covers the City Dairy from its creation in 1900 to its early years under Borden's Canada.
City Dairy Toronto
A Yellow Wagon on Every Street
"A Toronto Ontario Dairy
History of the City Dairy"
This article written by June Flath appears in the Jan 16th weekly issue of Ontario Farmer.
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This article written by Rob Campbell of Dumpdiggers appeared on January 28.
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 Don Beaulieu's August article appears in the August issue of
Farm View Magazine.
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Ellie Kim's March 2 article from the East York Observer. Click on the image to the left to read article.
Display for the Hollandview Retirement community in Aurora Ontario on October 23,2013.
City Dairy Ice Cream,
Fall Issue of the
Wayback Times.
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Historicist: November 30,2013 by Kevin Plummer
“If It’s City Dairy It’s Clean and Pure. That’s Sure.” Click below.